Church of Translation of Relics of Holy Father Nikolai – Ostružnica, Belgrade


Church of Translation of Relics of Holy Father Nikolai in Ostružnica is the oldest orthodox church on the territory of Belgrade, built in 1833 as an endowment of Prince Miloš Obrenović.
Sanation and restoration-conservation works were done in March-May 2004:
- Dismantling and mapping blocks made of local sandstone built into the church floor;
- Cleaning and washing blocks of sandstone, door frames and arches of white marble at the church entrance using detergents ECO RECEPT 01, ECO RECEPT 02 and water under pressure 120bar;
- Sanation, restoration and leveling of stone blocks in the church floor;
- Building semicircular staircase towards the altar made of sandstone;
- Sanation and restoration of marble at the entrance;
- Protection - conservation of stone built into the church floor using the product

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