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  Repairs, restoration, consolidation, conservation, waterproofing and everything else that others can’t do...that well
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The HEMI ECO Ltd. was founded in 1992 in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia (former Yugoslavia). Our main activity is scientific research. Through our technology we produce chemical means for the repairs and rehabilitation, restoration, consolidation, conservation and waterproofing of building materials and buildings. In addition, the production program includes commercialized products (cleaning and washing agents, release agents etc) in use in everyday life and many other industries besides construction.

The HEMI ECO company projects and performs specific repairs, rehabilitation and waterproofing of buildings, restoration, conservation as well as other construction works. Restoration and conservation works, especially when it comes to facilities of cultural and historical importance, have over time become our specialty. In all our works we use our certified materials and our own patented technology.
The policy of developing our own products proved to be right, because our quality products are at the top of world’s elite products.

The HEMI ECO company also sells its original products to corporate clients in the country and abroad.

In March 2008 the HEMI ECO company was officially registered by the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia as Development & Production Center.


- Taking care of people employed in the company;
- Maintaining high quality of our products and services;
- Developing new production programs and improving the existing ones;
- Investing in science and therefore in ecology.


Management of the company is composed of two chemical engineers, architect and civil engineer. Other employees are mostly Мasters in civil engineering, chemical technicians and construction workers.


The increase in production and an increase in scope of work\service are quite realistic. Our products, as well as our work\services are becoming well known to a wide circle of experts. The increase of workload and production, as well as investment in science involves the employment of new staff: experts, technical personnel and construction workers.


What are Silicones?

Silicon-organic compounds known as silicones, are fully synthetic products and cannot be found in nature in a free form. The basis of these polymer materials are silicon and oxygen, which appear next to the carbon, hydrogen, and sometimes other chemical elements. In addition to all known medical uses silicones are used in many other branches of industry, as well as the everyday life. Silicones as a material, possess outstanding characteristics of which the health safety is the most important.

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