Monument of Nedić brothers - Čokešina, Šabac


Monument of Nedić brothers, who lost their lives during a famous battle of Čokešina in 1804, was built in 1890 in the vicinity of the monastery Čokešina near Šabac. Even though it was previously renovated, the monument was damaged to a great extent. Stone pedestal had cracks all over, parts of stone fell off. Carved letters were only partially recognizable. Small or big parts of stone steps were missing. In time the whole stone of the monument faded, lost its original color and became poor looking.
Sanation and restoration-conservation works on the monument were performed from October 2003 to March 2004:
- Cleaning and washing the whole monument by using the detergents ECO RECEPT 01,
ECO RECEPT 02 and water under pressure up to 120bar;
- Breaking patches made of concrete, mortar and other inadequate materials remaining from some previously done repairs;
- Sanation of damages on stone steps and stone pedestal;
- Sealing the cracks in stone;
- Restoration of stone;
- Embossing and carving letters;
- Protection - conservation of stone by applying the products ECO IMPREGNIR K and
- Anti-graffiti protection of stone by using the product ECO IMPREGNIR A.

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