Türbe of Sheikh Mustafa – Belgrade


Türbe of Sheikh Mustafa in Belgrade was built in 1783-84 within a takiyah of Hajji-Sheikh Muhammad. According to the records, Sheikh Mustafa Baghdadian (Bagdali Mustafa bey), a head of this takiyah, was buried in the türbe, as well as his predecessor and successor.
Türbe hasn’t been maintained for a very long time and in October 2012 before the works started türbe was in a very bad state, with numerous damages on walls, roof and interior. The stone used for building was extremely dilapidated, without any mechanical strength, parts next to the cornice and above the entrance were prone to falling - statics of the object was seriously compromised. Water was penetrating through the walls and cracks on the dome into the interior. Joined parcel was neglected, after the demolition of illegally built objects it was transformed into a wild landfill.
Following sanation, restoration-conservation and craftsman works were done:
- Removing self-grown trees next to the foundation of türbe;
- Removing old roof tiles from the roof and cornice, removing earth (clay) base of roof
- Removing self-grown vegetation from the roof, uprooting self-grown vegetation from
the dome and walls;
- Sanation of dome, making waterproof cement screed on the dome and cornice;
- Removing graffiti from the stone using concentrated detergents ECO RECEPT 01,
ECO RECEPT 02 and water under pressure;
- Cleaning and washing all stone surfaces of türbe with detergents ECO RECEPT 01,
ECO RECEPT 02 and water under controlled pressure;
- Dismantling old and setting up new oak woodwork (joinery);
- Protection - conservation of new joinery with the product ECO IMPREGNIR L;
- Braking and removing parts of facade patched using inadequate materials;
- Careful removal of all unstable layers of stone;
- Removing old joints;
- Covering the roof and cornice with new roof tiles;
- Sanation - rebuilding of stone blocks prone to falling;
- Production and installation of new stone elements;
- Production and installation of new structured stone elements;
- Restoration of surface stone layers;
- Restoration of joints on the facade;
- Restoration of lattice (grille) at the entrance door, making and setting up window
- Consolidation - strengthening the stone on the facade with the product
- Conservation of roof tiles with the product ECO IMPREGNIR S;
- Sanation - injection of material into the cracks of interior walls - sealing the cracks;
- Removing paint, lime and a thin layer of mortar from the interior of the dome and walls till the original plaster;
- Restoration of original plaster;
- Sanation of floor: removing the old cement screed, filling up and leveling the
foundation, replacement of damaged brick;
- Conservation of brick in the floor with the product ECO IMPREGNIR S;
- Restoration and painting of sarcophagus;
- Setting up electrical installations inside the object;
- Tearing down the old fence, leveling the field around the object;
- Preparation of field and asphalting the entrance pavement;
- Making drainage system around the object;
- Sanation and restoration of brick pavement around the object;
- Covering the plateau in front of the object with concrete, building staircase foundation and bounding walls;
- Putting up electrical installations for the outer lighting, setting up candelabrums and connecting to the system of public lighting;
- Setting up the benches made of oak beams on bounding walls;
- Placing the Struganik stone tiles on the staircase and plateau in front of the object;
- Setting up the old format brick curb;
- Conservation of brick in the pavement around the object with the product
- Conservation of stone tiles with the products ECO IMPREGNIR K and
- Conservation of wooden benches with the product ECO IMPREGNIR L;
- Conservation of stone on the facade with the product ECO IMPREGNIR MK;
- Anti-graffiti protection of stone on the facade with the product ECO IMPREGNIR A;
- Horticultural arrangement of the corresponding green area.
Works were finished at the end of June 2013.

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