Memorial for the victims of Glavnjača - Belgrade


Marking thirty years of the liberation of Belgrade from German occupation, in 1974 memorial for the victims of Glavnjača was built within the colonnade of the entrance area to the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade. The monument consists of two structural units: bronze sculpture in the shape of a five-petal flower placed on a low marble pedestal and hemmed floor mosaic.
Due to rehabilitation works on the foundations of the Faculty’s building the mosaic with sculpture was temporarily relocated, and later returned to its place, when the reconstruction and restoration of a missing part was done.
Work started in late October 2012 and completed in May 2013:
- Preparation of the field for a temporary storage of the monument;
- Dismantling and relocating the bronze sculpture together with marble pedestal;
- Dismantling and relocating the stone curbs;
- Mapping the mosaic fragments;
- Lifting and relocating mosaic fragments;
- Putting together and bonding parts of fragments;
- Making the concrete base for mosaic and setting up the mosaic in fragments;
- Sanation of reinforced concrete slab of the mosaic;
- Cleaning and washing the mosaic with the detergents ECO RECEPT 01,
ECO RECEPT 02 and water under pressure of up to 120bar;
- Reconstruction of the missing part of mosaic;
- Restoration of the mosaic;
- Producing and setting up stone curbs;
- Setting up bronze sculpture on the marble pedestal;
- Cleaning and washing bronze sculpture and marble base with the detergents
ECO RECEPT 01, ECO RECEPT 02, ECO RECEPT 04 and water under pressure;
- Consolidation - strengthening stone parts of the monument with the product
- Protection - conservation of bronze sculpture with the product ECO IMPREGNIR M;
- Conservation of mosaic with the products ECO IMPREGNIR MK and
- Conservation of stone curbs and marble pedestal with the product
- Anti-graffiti protection of stone parts of the monument with the product

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