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Water solution of silicones and minerals

Single-component water system

ECO CONSOLID M ECO CONSOLID M is alkaline water solution. It is used for increasing strength (consolidation) of old and dilapidated plasters and mortars:
  • Lime mortars,
  • Lime-cement (mixed) mortars,
  • Cement plasters and mortars including all types of artificial stone.
ECO CONSOLID M has low viscosity and easily penetrates pores and capillaries in the mortar. ECO CONSOLID M chemically binds sand or other granulate inside the mortar, significantly increasing the strength of the mortar and its resistance to the atmospherics, while reducing its porosity.
The product is specially formulated for the protection and preservation of the old facades’ original appearance.
ECO CONSOLID M is an irreplaceable material when performing restoration and conservation works on facade plastics.
ECO CONSOLID M is also used to consolidate all types of old mortars used for building.

ECO CONSOLID M is applied in a delivered shape. Facade mortar intended for treatment should be dry and clean.

ECO CONSOLID M is applied to the facade mortar by spraying with pneumatic sprayer, or coating using brush, roller or sponge in single layer to material saturation. The excess of product that hasn’t been absorbed should be removed.
The consumption of the product depends on the type and porosity of the mortar and varies in the range of 0.20-0.60L/m2.
The mortar exposed to atmospherics after consolidation with ECO CONSOLID M must be preserved, in order to prolong its lifespan. For this purpose the manufacturer recommends the use of a mortar preservative ECO IMPREGNIR S or a combination of preservatives ECO IMPREGNIR K + ECO IMPREGNIR S.
The diluted mortar in the foundations and walls of the buildings is consolidated by the method of chemical injection: ECO CONSOLID M is injected into the 10-30mm diameter holes previously drilled in the wall. The holes should be angled 30–45° with depth of more than a half of the wall thickness. The holes are scheduled in the form of an equilateral triangle with 15cm long sides. Consumption of ECO CONSOLID M is about 50L/m3.
Capillary moisture from the ground (foundation), if any, is eliminated using moisture cutter ECO IMPREGNIR K injected in the same way into the foundation or walls.

ECO CONSOLID M is alkaline, so it is necessary to protect the face, hands and anything else not intended for consolidation. Surfaces that are accidentally sprayed with this means should be washed with water as soon as possible.
For professional use only!
10L Plastic cans and 1L plastic bottles.
ECO CONSOLID M should be stored outdoors and indoors at temperatures above 4°C.

ECO CONSOLID M can be kept in the original packaging for 12 (twelve) months.
Contact us for more detailed information.

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