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Cold processing waterproof coat

The solution in organic solvents

SILOBIT is used for all types of waterproofing works in construction as well for the protection of metals from corrosion. Because of its exceptional elasticity in a wide temperature range (-20째C to +100째C), the absolute water resistance and stability at low and high temperatures the SILOBIT is indispensable for waterproofing flat roofs, terraces, building foundations, bathrooms, concrete joints as well as sealing cracks, airport runways, water pipes, gas lines, cable systems and underground tanks. In car industry SILOBIT is used as a sealant for batteries and for protection of car outer flooring from corrosion.

SILOBIT is applied in a delivered shape. Before the use, while in the original packaging, SILOBIT needs to be well stirred. The material intended for protection should be previously degreased using detergent ECO RECEPT 02, cleaned from corrosion using detergents ECO RECEPT 01 and/or ECO RECEPT 04 and dry. Depending on the application to the surface SILOBIT can be diluted with white spirit, oil thinner, gasoline or similar organic solvent.

SILOBIT is applied to the material by spraying using pneumatic sprayer or coating using roller, brush etc. SILOBIT in a delivered shape is applied to the metal surfaces in a single layer. If applied to the surface with pneumatic sprayer it is necessary to dilute it with oil thinner or similar organic solvent in the volume ratio of 3:1 (SILOBIT : oil thinner).
On concrete surfaces SILOBIT is applied in several layers:
1st layer: SILOBIT diluted in solvent in the volume ratio of 3:1. Diluted SILOBIT fully penetrates into the concrete and closes its pores. Depending on air temperature, this layer dries for 12-24 hours.
2nd layer: SILOBIT in a delivered shape, previously well stirred. Application of this layer is performed by a roller or brush. Geotextile, felt or other fabric whose strength (thickness, density) depends on the use of insulated areas (passable or impassable areas) is placed on the newly applied SILOBIT coat. If upon the completion of the 2nd layer drying bubbles appear under the cloth, the cloth must be punctured with a prod or a similar tool, and then pressed with the roller to eject formed gases.
3rd layer: SILOBIT in a delivered shape, previously well stirred. SILOBIT is applied to fabric saturation. After drying a flat, shiny SILOBIT layer appears on the surface.
After the product becomes dry, the surface of material can be coated with cement screed, a layer of gravel, sun repellent paint etc.
SILOBIT consumption: 1,50-4,00kg/m2.

SILOBIT is the solution in organic solvents, it is flammable, so its application must comply with fire safety measures, as when applying similar products that contain flammable solvents.
For professional use only!
20kg Metal or plastic cans.
SILOBIT should be stored outdoors and indoors away from the heat sources.

SILOBIT can be kept in the original packaging for 6 (six) months.

Contact us for more detailed information.

Download Technical information for SILOBIT (.doc)

Download Technical information for SILOBIT (.pdf)

NOTE: The production of SILOBIT is currently stopped.

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