Conservation is the procedure of protecting objects, i.e. construction materials, from decay. Objects which need to remain in an adequate state for many years are being conserved. These are usually the monuments of cultural-historical importance, monuments under state protection, as well as other new and old high quality objects. Conservation prevents decaying and staining of construction objects. Objects and construction materials conserved with our materials keep their original color, appearance and steam-permeability. Conservation also achieves the effect of thermal insulation, in other words objects protected in this manner “save” up to 30% of energy spent on heating or cooling.

Anti-graffiti protection represents a type of additional conservation. It is performed on objects or parts of objects that are permanently exposed to markers, sprays or paint. This protection is preceded by a mandatory conservation. Anti-graffiti protection enables easier removal of graffiti, mostly by using water or water under pressure. Upon the removal of graffiti there is no damage to the object. The objects which haven’t undergone anti-graffiti protection always suffer from material damages during cleaning.

Besides facilities, conservation can be done on various artistic objects made of stone, concrete, gypsum, ceramics, metal, wood and other materials.

Conservation is performed by our team of experts using its own materials and technology. Our high quality and durable materials for conservation have been tested in practice for many years.

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