Question 1               
Product for increasing hardness of gypsum.
Answer 1
The product ECO POLYMER D increases hardness of gypsum and also its durability. This refers to gypsum to which this product is added while mixing, instead of water.
Question 2
Gypsum molds decay quickly because the material (casting) sticks to them.
Answer 2
Gypsum molds should be sprayed or coated with a thin layer of mold release product ECO D 01. It prevents casting from sticking to gypsum molds, thus increasing their durability.
Question 3
Stucco gypsum has cracked. Cracks have already been repaired, however, after some time built-in material started falling out of them.
Answer 3
Cracks on gypsum are slotted in the width of 4-5mm and coated with the product ECO POLYMER D, then filled with the material made of gypsum and the product ECO POLYMER D. After drying and finishing works, the protection product ECO IMPREGNIR K is applied to gypsum.
Question 4
Stucco gypsum on the pillars started crumbling due to washing and wetting.
Answer 4
Stucco gypsum is protected from decay with the product ECO IMPREGNIR K. Gypsum protected in this way is completely water resistant (water impermeable).<
Question 5
I need a product for the protection of gypsum sculptures from the effects of humidity and precipitation.
Answer 5
Gypsum sculptures are protected with the products ECO IMPREGNIR K and/or ECO IMPREGNIR S and the product ECO IMPREGNIR A.
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