Question 1               
Copper gutters turned black.
Answer 1
It is normal that copper gutters turn black under the influence of precipitation. The process of copper patination continues to copper hydroxide carbonate which is of pale green color. Copper can be protected in each phase of patination by using the product ECO IMPREGNIR M. Afterwards protected parts don′t change their color.
Question 2
The building has a copper roof. I want to protect it so that green color wouldn′t leak over the facade.
Answer 2
Green color on a copper roof comes from the patina – protective layer which is formed over time on the surface of copper and prevents its further corrosion and decay. Huge pollution, in other words high concentration of carbon-dioxide (CO2) in the air, causes dissolution of patina (CO2 dissolved in water is H2CO3 - carbon acid). As a result copper decays and green color leaks from the roof over the facade. This can be prevented by protecting patina, i.e. copper with the product ECO IMPREGNIR M.
Question 3
I would like to clean old metal fence from corrosion and protect it from further decay.
Answer 3
Forged and other types of iron (so-called carbon steel) is cleaned from corrosion by using the products ECO RECEPT 01, ECO RECEPT 04 and water under pressure. After cleaning, it is protected from further decay with the product ECO IMPREGNIR M.
Question 4
I need protection for the figurines made of bronze and brass.
Answer 4
The figurines made of bronze and bras are protected with the product ECO IMPREGNIR M.
Question 5
We need a separator which can endure high temperatures in the foundry.
Answer 5
Mold release for foundry i.e. metal casting is ECO D 03.
Question 6
Trophy and old weapons need to be cleaned from corrosion and conserved.
Answer 6
Corrosion can be removed from trophy and old weapons using the cleaning and washing product ECO RECEPT 04. Conservation of metal parts is done afterwards by using the product ECO IMPREGNIR M, while ECO IMPREGNIR L is used for the wooden parts.
Question 7
I need to protect my heating oil tank from corrosion. The tank is buried in the ground.
Answer 7
Metal tanks, containers, pipes and other metal products buried into the ground are protected from corrosion with the product SILOBIT.
Question 8
Protection of the car floor from corrosion.
Answer 8
Protection of outer car floor from corrosion is achieved with the product SILOBIT. Dirt and salt should be removed from the metal surfaces before protection.
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